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Penniless Sisters Vintage Works

Vintage Journal - 5.5" x 8.5" with 70 pages

Vintage Journal - 5.5" x 8.5" with 70 pages

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Unveil Your Creativity with Penniless Sisters Artworks' Deluxe Vintage Journal

Experience the joy of journaling like never before with our Deluxe Vintage Journal from Penniless Sisters Artworks. Measuring 5.5" x 8.5" and brimming with 70 pages (counting both sides), this journal offers a spacious canvas for your thoughts and dreams.

Encased in a sturdy hardcover, this journal is designed with care, providing abundant journaling space along with various-sized pockets, slots, flip-up writing paper, envelopes, and postcards. Every page is an invitation to explore your creativity and express your innermost thoughts.

Our journals are adorned with delightful surprises: paper bags, embellished clips, charms, stamped cards, bookmarks, and tassels – each detail enhancing your journaling experience. Artistic touches of stencils, ribbon, Washi tape, lace, doilies, stickers, and buttons add a touch of elegance to your musings.

The antiqued pages, meticulously curated digital prints chosen for their beauty, color, and content, offer the perfect backdrop for your creativity to flourish.

Elevate your journaling to new heights with our Deluxe Vintage Journal – a masterpiece of sophistication and creativity. Secure your journal today and embark on a journey of self-discovery through the art of writing.

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